Use only White Vim Cream or  Bathtub King Cleaner

$20.00 per 3 bottles plus shipping



Nu fit pop-up Drain is $ 79.00 installled


Rubber Strips:

Rubber strips are not permanent, as rubber expands and causes lifting. Coverage on the surface of the tub is minimal, providing unsafe conditions.

Bathtub King provides "The PERMANENT Slip-Resistant Bathmat" designed with rounded corners to prevent lifting. It provides security and comfort every time your guest steps into the bathtub. 60% of the surface of the bathtub is covered, providing maximum coverage. The bathmat prevents against chipping and abuse of the bathtub.



The Standard Rubber Bathmat:

Relying on your guest to use the bathmat is like playing Russian Roulette! It is not always easily found, and when it is, it is not properly used. Excessive maintenance is also required by housekeeping, thereby increasing your costs.

Bathtub King provides "The PERMANENT Slip-Resistant Bathmat" will eliminate the risk of wondering whether your guest will/will not use the bathmat provided. Only regular maintenance is required.



Factory Etched Non-Skid Bottoms:

Factory non-skid bottoms are etched or sand-blasted, leaving a porous surface to collect dirt and mold. After one year, non-skids wear out, leaving a slippery and dangerous surface.

"The PERMANENT Slip-Resistant Bathmat" can be applied over existing etched surface and still provide the same results. "The PERMANENT Slip-Resistant Bathmat" will not mold, mildew or discolor. It is microscopically non-porous which prevents dirt adhesion. It takes minutes to install, therefore rooms are available for occupancy immediately. This bathmat is safe, durable and lends itself to any color decor. It is TEN TIMES more slip-resistant than the federal government requires. 1999 Bathtub King Refinishing Ltd. Web design by