Imagine looking at those gloomy, mustard yellow and insipid equal tiles every morning. They just had to go," Says the owner of this vintage 1930's bathroom. But did they? " Ripping out and replacing the tiles would have meant installing new drywall as well as a new floor and tub; these were in perfectly good condition and suited the style of the home. The price tag would have been about $15,000-not to mention the dust and general upheaval for at least a month." The speedy, inexpensive alternative: reglaze the tiles. In just three days, Bathtub King transformed them to bright white and installed a new toilet, pedestal basin and faucets. For a fraction of the time and cost of a major renovation, the homeowner now has an elegant bathroom.

The owner of this 1930 home winced when she first saw the drab green bathroom tiles. She winced even more when she got an estimate of $4600 to remove and replace the mint-condition tiles. Which would lead to new drywall and painting. Which would mean replacing the floor and shower pan. Which would probably mean replacing the tub. Which would require a plumber. The cost had escalated to $15,000 and, after all that money, hassle and dust, the green would be gone but so would the vintage fixtures and elements that gave the room its period charm. The answer? Bathtub King, who suggested reglazing the tiles. The whole mess-free process took just two days. The difference, as they say, is like black and white.

The owner of this 1940s bathroom loved its crisp black and white decor, but the vintage tiles and tub were yellowing and losing their luster. Reglazing by Bathtub King gave them a new lease on life at a fraction of the expense, time and upheaval of a complete renovation. Over the basin, a wall mirror makes the small room appear larger. Bold black-and-white striped drapes and shower curtain and gold ceiling and "Greek key" stenciling add a sophisticated touch. 1999 Bathtub King Refinishing Ltd. Web design by